IJG-IPP using C# for JPEG displaying

IJG-IPP using C# for JPEG displaying

We have a VB6 app that is using IJL.

This app does the following:

Readjpg bytes into an array.
Pass the array to the IJL function LoadJPGFromPtr to convery bytes to a CDIB.
BitBlt the CDIB to a DirectDraw surface
Flip the surface to display the image.

This happens at 30fps.

We are converting the app to C# and IPP seems to be the logical choice as IJL is no longer supported.

I have looked for examples using C# on your site but cannot find any doing what we are trying to do.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

We are looking for the most optimised way to display an image and do not need to apply filters of any type but do need the ability to scale. DirectDraw does this OK but we need to get it in CDIB format for DirectDraw.

Thanks for your assistance...

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Dear Customer,
We will look into it, and it could be a feature enhancement.

hi Tom. C# supports jpeg files IOwithout any additional functions and efforts. Is there any reason to add such functionality to IPP samples?

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