size of Emerged Static Lib.

size of Emerged Static Lib.

I generated emerged static lib about jpeg decoding using sample source for my embedded application.

I just included "ippcorel.lib", "ippimerged.lib", "ippjmerged.lib", "ippsmerged.lib" and inserted about 55 function declarations in "funclist.h".

by the way, generated lib file size is about 80MB.

...... 80MB...?.?

Please help me....

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you have several options to minimize your executable when you are using IPP libs. I recommend you to take a look on document about possible linkage models for IPP:

From my point of view, the most simple is so-called E-Merged model, you get minimal footprint and static dispatching just automatically. All what you need - just link your application with merged/emerged libs.



First, thank you for your response.
I created E-Merged model Lib you suggest. but lib file size is about 80MB like I said.
If this problem is not matched this forum, I will contact Premier Support.


Hi Eunkyu,

probably I misunderstood you, I talk about application size. Application linked with merged, e-merged libraries will be small enough. But merged libraries itself is big because they are combining all processor-specific code in one place. Is this your problem?
Of course, you can submit your issue to Premier Support


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