missing ippalignpxl.lib

missing ippalignpxl.lib

Hi all,
I use the evaluation version of the IPP library on win2000 system.
I download the sample about Voice Activity Detector.
When I compile sample codebyVisual Studio 6.0 C++ compiler, I get link error about "ippsDownSampleSize" function.
This erroris normal, since I have no library for that function (ippsDownSampleSize) with name "ippalignpxl.lib".
How I can obtain that library?
Is itonly unavailable for evaluation version or Win2000 system.
Thanks for your help.

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that's correct, ippalignpxl.lib is not part of evaluation package. You need full version of IPP to get this library.


The ippalighpxl.lib and ippaligh.h are created for keeping the Intel API compatibility between IA and PCA.

If you are using the Intel IPP 4.1 evaluation package, you can choose the dynamic library to link instead of static library.

Hope it helps.

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