Please help

Please help

Hi all,

I just downloaded l_ipp_ia32_itanium_p_4_1.tar and registered and got the license key file. After extracting from the tar file, I got 2 files as follows:


When I run "install", I was instructed to run "install --help". However, I still have no clue for its usage:

Usage: install [OPTION]... SOURCE DEST (1st format)
or: install [OPTION]... SOURCE... DIRECTORY (2nd format)
or: install -d [OPTION]... DIRECTORY... (3rd format)

I am running Redhat9 and have been a root user. Please can anyone let me know how to install IPP 4.1 with "install".


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Dear Customer,
Did you run command "./" to install the IPP 4.1 Linux package?

If you still have not solved the installation problem, please submit your issue to Intel Premier Support where our support engineerins will provide assistance.


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