yuv sample and sample.par

yuv sample and sample.par


I had tried to run Intel H.264 Encoder on a YUV file and
afterwards to display it with Intel H.264 player; The picture
seems blurred. I assume something is wrong with the data in sample.par;
I am sure that the width/height are correct and
also about the number of frames in that YUV.
I am not sure regarding the frame_rate_code.(There is not info on
what is it exactly in the Readme; what exactly is that code ? )
I know that this YUV is correct.

I would be thankful if somebody will put a little YUV sample
in this site and a corresponding sample.par in this forum; I am
sure nobody will reject this , and it will help others.


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Hi Dan,

The current H.264 decoder sample and encoder sample provided in Intel IPP 4.1 support JM 7.3. You may download and check the latest video sample update from http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/samples.htm (Click "Windows* in a row for Video group) We corrected an issue of the mismatches in protocolsfor H.264 codec samples. We suggest you to rebuild with the latest sample to see how it works. If the problem still persists,
pleasesubmit a detailed issueincluding yourraw YUV file andsample .par file via Intel Premier Support (https://premier.intel.com) , we willlook into it.

I had downloaded and checked the latest video sample update from http://www.intel.com/software/products/ipp/samples.htm
and rebuild.
The problem still persists.

Since I could not login to https://premier.intel.com
I do not know what to do.


it seems to me that this service is only
for those who purchased the product.

I am asking again: is it possible to put a little
raw YUV file and a corrseponding .par file with which
the h264encoder/decoder can work with correctly?


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