Error of h.264 decoder

Error of h.264 decoder


We study about software codec solution.

IPP shows very dramatic performance enhance in decoding & encoding.

It is very interesting!

But H.264 decoder sample has a error.

H.264 decoder showed some artifacts (black rectagles) in motion estimation.

We could not find where this error occurs ( IPP lib or sample decoder?).

Also, To add and expand the decoding & encoding functionarity of Pentium chip, we have some request.

Please check following comment !! and thank you~

1. H.264 decoder sample have serveral limitation. Does Intel haveany plan to release H.264 compliant decoder ?

2. Could Intel open and release the C-source of your h.264library. or could we buy it with IPP library? ( API document have some limitation to explain its functionarity)

3. Could you fix the error at h.264 decoder? h.264 decoder shows some artifact at decoding the bitstream encoded by JM90. we add cofiguration file .

Thank you..

SJ Pak, from Samsung Electronics. (

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