How to setup vc project environment when using IPP?

How to setup vc project environment when using IPP?

I'm a new learner to Intel IPP, soI havesome fairly simple questions about IPP. To begin with, I don't know how to setup my vc project envrionment settings.
I have alreay made upa vc6.0 project which uses the IPP wavelet functions and some other image processing functions, but I don't know I should link what lib files in the project setting/ link/objectlibrary modules, and I also don't know I shouldincludewhat dll files in my project directory.
Is there any article about this? Especially, is there some tutorial materials?
Feng Li

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You can see this document:

Here are explained various ways to link IPP libraries into your project (static linkink, DLLs etc.)
However, as example, if in your project you are using image and signal processing functions, you have to link the ippi20.lib and ipps20.lib libraries. You can use the /libpath linker option to specify the path for these libs (C:program filesintelipp41stublib).
No DLLs are required in your project path if you have copied DLLs in system path using, for example, the IPP Runtime Installer (C:Program filesIntelIPP40 ools

Thanks for your advice.
Feng Li

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