I've been using ITK for image segmentation/preconditioning for a while; now due to reasons of speed, I decided to move to IPP. I thought its going to be real fun to start using the library. But it looks like I have to read a lot about the structure and architecture of the IPP image processing module to be able to start using it.

I'm not bad in 'c'/MFC programming. Rather the enormous size of the image processing manual that comes with the IPP makes me yawn. Is there a good tutorial or something that can help me start using IPP image processing module asap?


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I apologize for the earlier statement; after spending a couple of hours on reading the function naming convention, I was able to successfully write a sample program to apply a median filter; I just realized how fast it is when compared to the pipeline architecture of ITK/VTK. The only problem I see at this point is the manual is huge and doesn't seem logical to print all of them (I prefer reading them offline printed); so I guess I should print the sections I want to read.

Let me try / read more and write to the forum on more questions.


Hi Madhu,

I glad to see you were able to use IPP. You are right, IPP manual is big, but it is due to big functionality of this library. And it is better then no manual at all, isn't it? I believe, on our technical support channel ( and on this forum you can find some help.

Welcome to IPP users community:)


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