Link Intel IPP4.1 in Intel IDE

Link Intel IPP4.1 in Intel IDE


I have a question on using IPP4.1 with Intel IDE(Integrated Development Environment). I wrote a very simple code using only one IPP function. Then I tried to compile and build a file to run on the XDB debugger. However, I got an error complaining the following:
----------------------- Build -----------------

-- Begin show options --

Build File - test.elf
Tool - C:Program FilesIntelSDT1.2xscaleinldxsc.exe (Linker)
Options - -output "test".elf ". est.o" "C:Program FilesIntelIPP41pca_wmmx_evallibippSP_wmmx41ppc_r.lib"
Build File -
Tool - C:Program FilesIntelSDT1.2xdbbindwarf2bd.exe (Symbol Converter)
Options - "C:Program FilesIntelmytest est.debug est.elf" "C:Program FilesIntelmytest est.debug"

-- End show options --

---- Processing test.elf ----

-- Build completed with errors --
It poped up a window and says there is something wrong with ldxsc.exe, and need to send an email to Microsoft.

Here is my simple test code:

#include "ippdefs.h"
#include "ippSP.h"
int main ()
const int length = 20;
Ipp16s a[length], b[length], c;
unsigned int i, scaleFactor;
IppStatus result;

scaleFactor = 5;
result = ippsSet_16s(10, a, length);

I exported a Makefile and make sure that the library path is correct. After I comment out the ippsSet_16s, everything is fine. How should I use IPP with IDE? Could you help me on this?

Thank you very much.

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We will look into it. By the way, have you submitted this report to Intel Premier Support at


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