total newbie here, need help from pals here

total newbie here, need help from pals here

i have been assigned a project by my teacher to use iipp 4.0 to make a image manipulator, but i never touch c language before!! omg i realli need help from the experts here.........

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what i am suppose to do is a image manipulator software using iipp 4.0 which can

1. load a default image
2. save the image
3. able to extract edge of image( i duuno wads this)
4. able to ask user to enter value for threshold and thus convert image to binary image if it meets the value(dunno wads this too)
5. able to draw AOI using paintbrush etc on the default image(dunno wads this also)

sorry i may seem too newbie but i am a engineering student who have never touch on these computer language things before... i will greatly appreciate ur help if u can pass me ur complete source code for me to have a referance, thanx alot :)


I'd recommend you to download IPP samples. There is big set of samples for various areas, I believe you can find here a lot of useful info.


thanx alot, where is the exact URL to download all these samples? also, do i need anything special to open thsese samples?

To download IPP libraries and samples you should start from here:

Usually you need to have Microsoft* compiler installed to build these samples for MS Windows*.


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