Post on the IPP forum win one of 50 books!

Post on the IPP forum win one of 50 books!

Fifty More Books Fifty More Chances to Win!

Intel Software Development Products, Intel Press and Intel Developer Services are pleased to announce that the IPP Book sweepstakes promotion will be restarted. Promotion begins 22 October 2004 at 12 a.m. PST and concludes 07 October 2005 at 5 p.m. PST.Each week for fifty (50) weeks, an IDS IPP forum community member will be selected at random and will receive a copy of our own Stewart Taylors book, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives: How to Optimize Software Applications Using Intel IPP.

Brush up on your Intel IPP knowledge, get your questions and comments ready, and join the community.

On behalf of the IPP Team and Intel Developer Services, good luck.

The Rules

The winner will be drawn once per week from all eligible forum members who post a message relevant to IPP to the IPP forum during the promotion. Entrants may answer a question posted by the moderator, post a question about IPP, or answer another forum members question. Winner is chosen at random; however, the qualifying post must be relevant to IPP. Full contest rules available in attached PDF file

About the Book

Introducing the many uses of Intel IPP, this book explores the range of possible applications, from audio processing to graphics and video. Extensive examples written in C++ show you how to solve common imaging, audio/video, and graphics problems.

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Become proficient using the Intel IPP library and application programming interface
  • Apply Intel IPP to improve performance and speed development of your applications
  • Use Intel IPP to solve common application problems

The accompanying CD-ROM includes all code examples presented in the book and an evaluation version of the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives.

About Stewart Taylor

Stewart Taylor is a software architect at Intel Corporation and designed or oversaw the design of the majority of the Intel IPP functions. In his 12 years at Intel, Stewart has worked on various multimedia products including the Intel Image Processing Library, the Intel JPEG Library, the Open Source Computer Vision Library, and Intel ProShare conferencing software. His background includes imaging, signal processing, computer vision, graphics, and software engineering across multiple languages.

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I recently installed IPP and now I am using and learning it.This was first time I evaluate it is a great tool and very usefull.
Thanks Intel

Hi, thank you.

Which IPP domains you are interested the most (signal processing, image processing, media, recognition primitives, computer vision, crypto, string processing)?


I am mainly interested in the field of image processing and computer vision for industrial applications.

Andrea Teschioni


well thank you for the answer. Ho do you find IPP functionality? Does it fit your needs?


Yes, it works well and quickly.

As you know, my main problem concerns in conversion from 1bit images to 8bit images, but I can feel me quite satisfied about IPP.


I have somehow established graphic primitivities from Intel, and rather old version. Plainly not having understood, I temporarily have ceased to be interested in this subjects. Due to an output of the book I hope to understand this question.:robothappy:


Thanks for this information.


many thanks for Intel groups which is taking postive step to let him knows about the mindblowing technology by Intel.I am very glad to get the intel book releated to java programming and software testing.

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