IPP platforms

IPP platforms


I have a general question for the IPP crowd.
I'm looking for a small and relatively cheap (~$100-$200) ready-made out-of-the-box platform that I can port some of my real-time video processing applications to.

To use IPP the platform would supposedly use either an XScale processor or some other x86 compatible processor.

Additional requirements:

  • For realtime video, it should have an fast bus forcapturing the video, e.g. USB2, FireWire etc. Preferably, something supported by industrial cameras, including high resolution video cameras.
  • We are a software house, so designing a base board to carry a CPU board is problematic for us.
  • Popular OS, e.g. Linux or Win*.
  • Small form-factor, the smaller the better
  • Power consumption is not a problem

I appreciate any comments suggestions and references.

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Adi,

Welcome back to the forum:) How are you doing?

Actually we (Performance Libraries team)are also more in software world than in hardware one. ButI know, kind of PMP devices ispopular this time, they are usually XScale processor based. There are also some X-Boxes, they are usually IA32 processor based.

Well, lets ask other forum participants, could you share here some information or reference about such kind of hardware?


Hi Vladimir,

I'm just fine! My first son was born last week, so I was a tad busy to answer :smileywink:.

Its funny you should mention PMP devices since there seems to be only old references to these device circa 2002.

I'm very interested in a relatively cheap (compared to a small forma factor PC) platform containing an IPP enabled CPU, and supporting some formof fast bus for capturing video.

I'd like to hear what platforms others on the forum are using.


Wow, my congratulations for you and your wife! I wish he will have long and happy life!

Ok, let's hear what other people can say about platforms they are using.


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