Multiplying a complex vector with a real scalar

Multiplying a complex vector with a real scalar

To multiply a complex vector with a real scalar I have used the ippsMulC_64fc function, and represented the real scalar as a complex one with zero imaginary part.

This seems unnessesary, so I tried instead to use ippsMulC_64f function and instead treat the complex vector as a real one of twice the size. The two approaches give the same results but strangely the complex routine is faster.Is there any better way to multiply complex vectors with real scalars?

The code used is of the form:

Ipp64fc *in, *out, val;

stat=ippsMulC_64fc(in, val, out,length);

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thanks for the question, we found problem in optimized code of ippsMulC_64f and ippsMulC_64fc function, their performance will be improved in the next version. We also think about adding of new function, ippsMul_64f64fc in the next version.



Regrading ippsMul_64f64fc.

Is this feature already implemented?



Hi Snir,

as I can see from product documentation only 32f32fc variant of ippsMul function is availbale.


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