Building IJL library

Building IJL library

i am evaluating the jpegcompressioncapability withIPP 4.1. however i encountered an error when running build32.bat in the JPEG-IJL directory. the error shows it cannot find "ippcorel.lib". i checked the evaluation package. obviously ippcorel.lib is not there. is this file only included in the release version? or is there anyway i can build ijl without ippcorel.lib?

thanks in advance.

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you are right, new IJL sample can't be built with evaluation IPP package without some modification. Fortunately they are not so significant.Theonly difference between evaluation and release IPP packages is that evaluation does not contains static libraries. But IJL sample was designed to be linked with static libraries. So, what you need to changeis to modify Makefile to link IJL with IPP DLLs instead of static libs. Of course, in this case youwill be need in IPP DLLs in addidtion to IJL DLL.
Please take a look on to other JPEG sample, JPEGView. It contains other JPEG codec. It is simple one, but it has good performance.


Can you explain the needed modification in the makefile to use the IJL sample with the eval version of IPP.


actually it is very easy, even without modification of Makefile. To build IJL with evaluation copy of IPP you need to modify build32.bat:
changethe last line

that's all. Note, in this case IJL DLL will require IPP DLLs at the start (you need to make sure IPP DLLs are available through your PATH environment variable)


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