Increase Colour Depth

Increase Colour Depth


Anyone point me to a function that makes itpossible to convert from a 256 colour (8bit?)image to say a 16million (24bit?) image.



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Hi Chris

we do not have IPP function to convert 256 color image to true color using palette. But we have functions to convert Ipp8u images to Ipp16u images, may be it will work for you?


If you are using the MS-Windows, you can use BitBlt of WinAPI.
BitBltis fast, because image processing of a graphic driver.
Example of argument:
Destination device context is 24 bit color image.
Source device context is 8 bit color image.

Otherwise, you will be able to make the function to write the value of the palette in pixel.
I have made it in the past. But, my code is delphi(pascal).

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