hi I'm using IJL.h as I already have a jpeg loader based on an older version. I downloaded the new IPP free version, and I'm using the ijl.h file from that, but this file has #includes for ippdefs.h, ippcore.h, ipps.h, ippi.h and ippj.h but these files are not included in the download. How then can anyone use ijl.h file? Where can I download them if they need to be included?


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You just need IPP in order to use NEW IJL.
Previous version ( 1.5 and 1.51) was not based on IPP.
New version (2.0) is based on IPP and requires include files and libs installed with IPP.
New version is faster than old version.
Old version is no more available from Intel (even if you can find it somewhere on the web...).


thanks for thehelp withanswering that. Yes, you are right, new IJL is IPP based sample, so it depends from IPP headers and binaries.



do you have ijl.lib(X64)?

can you send me? thanks 

my email:493820802@qq.com

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