H.264 and Mpeg4 encode speed.

H.264 and Mpeg4 encode speed.

I use IPP4.1 mpeg4 and h.264 encode sample,
My pcused P4 2.8C and1G RAM, w2k SP4 os.

Compile use ICC 8.1 and VC 7.1,use /O2 option,special P4 optimize

Mpeg4 encode 352X288 about ~100 FPS,and H.264 about ~10 FPS.
but mpeg4 not use bitstream limit.

I found mpeg4 encode speed equal DIVX 5.1.1 encode speed when video has motion sense.but slow then divx 5.1.1 when video had still image.why?

How add bitstream limit at mpeg4 encode sample?
thank you.

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Is it a Celeron ?Using MPEG-4 encoderI got about 100fps with 640x480 resolution on my P4 2.8 HT.It would be good to compare IPP example with xvid codec because it has source code available. There are some optimizations possible when there is no motion in the video based on intelligent pre-quantization and DivX probably use them.

A couple notes,

-if you turn off PSNR calculation, mpeg4 encoder will be slightly faster
-what is bitstream limit? Is it constant bitrate?


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