Download IPP 4.1

Download IPP 4.1

I am finally getting around to downloading the IPP 4.1 release, and I can't seem to find the right download link. I believe I'm still under support, so I should be able to download it as an upgrade, but on the referred download page all I can find is "download eval version". If I download this eval version (and answer the requisite eval questions) will it work with my existing license file for IPP 4.0?


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Well, silly me. Browsing through my Premier membership area, I found the proper link for the download. :-0)

Dear Customer,
To verifyyour valid IPP license to make sure you can get free upgrade to IPP 4.1, youmay run "iplid.exe" that is located in IPP 4.0directory IPP40 oolssupport and find out if your IPP support services expriation date is not expired...
If your support service is still valid to get 4.1 upgrade, and you could not find the IPP 4.1 download bits, please submit an issue via Intel Premier Support and our support staff will assist you.

Hope it helps.
Ying S
Intel IPP Support


you are welcome:)


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