G729 Still Crashing

G729 Still Crashing


I'm still having problems with the G729 code given away by Intel. The file named "encg729.c" that is part of the example code crashes here:

      /* Temporary vectors */
      LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, short, rc, M,encoderObj); /* Reflection coefficients.             */
      LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, short, lsp_new, M,encoderObj);
      LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, short, lsp_new_q, M,encoderObj); /* LSPs at 2th subframe                 */
      LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, short, rh_nbe, M+1,encoderObj);
      LOCAL_ALIGN_ARRAY(32, int, r_auto, NP+2,encoderObj);
      short Vad=1; /* Active frame */
      short s,norm;

      /* Clause 3.2.1 Windowing and autocorrelation computation */
      ippsAutoCorr_G729B(LPC_WINDOW, &norm,r_auto);
      if(vad_enable == 1){
         for(i=0; i> 16;

This code is inside the function "G729AEncode" which is called whenever you use the public function "apiG729Encode".

It's the call to "ippsAutoCorr_G729B" that does it - Access Violation. I'm using MSVC 7 and i've tried using both static and dynamic linking with the same result.

Anyone got any ideas? Dependency Viewer shows that the DLL does have the function inside it, and it is calling the correct Pentium 4 DLL, so it really does look like a bug on Intel's behalf... or have I done something wrong?

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could you look to the answer on your previous message, may be it could help?


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