Creating Static library for distribution

Creating Static library for distribution

Dear all,

I am using ipp 2.0. I want to create a static library (lib) for disturibution. I need to use a few of the ipp functions. However,after followingthe instructions for using static merged libraries, my resulting lib is very large in size, although I only use a few of the ipp functions.

Am I using the correct linkage model? Does higher version of ipp (say 3.0 or 4.0) helps?

Thank you and have a good day.

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thanks for your interest to IPP and your question.You are right, therewasproblemin IPP v2.0 with size of result application when you use IPP static libraries. We knew about that and we work to solve this issue.So, in current IPP versionwedeveloped special build procedure to minimize this overhead. I would like to recommend you to try IPP v4.0 (or even the newest version - IPP v4.1 beta). In this version this overhead should be minimal.


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