crashing of "ippiVCHuffmanInitAllocRL_32s" in the MPEG-2 library

crashing of "ippiVCHuffmanInitAllocRL_32s" in the MPEG-2 library


im tryin to use "ippiVCHuffmanInitAllocRL_32s" , for some reason it gives a access violation run time error. im using the proper set of ".lib" files and ".dll" files. The problem is in the first parameter of the function "the pointer to thesource table" , i also found out that the problem doesnt exist for source tables which have more than "10 bit codes".
im attachin the wokspace[ i have taken out the lib and debug folders which have the .lib and .dll files ]

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In this case you need to use ippiVCHuffmanInitAllocRL_32s


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