Query: using g.729(723) ipp lib on PXA255 platform

Query: using g.729(723) ipp lib on PXA255 platform

My developing platform is PXA255, wince.net

I want to develop an audio concerned app using g.729, does the ipp4 for pca provides such libbesides g.723?

The g.723 docs are so limited in ipp4, where could i find additional material like sample codes and references? I downloaded sample for windows, but that overwhemed me, wondering if app on pca would be of the same load?

And, what do i need to accomplish to make my en-decoding successful? Generally , how long would it cost me to make it straight?


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Dear Customer,
The g.729 is not supported in IPP for PCA.

The current manual and samples are the documents where you can refer. If you think there are missing part in our document, please submit an issue to Intel Premier Support at https://premier.intel.com

Ying S
Intel IPP Support

Dear Ysong

You said "The g.729 is not supported in IPP for PCA". Can I understand it that way: currently,the g.729 is not supported in allof the versions of IPP for PCA, especially for PXA270 which I am using for an audio purpose.

Thank you!

Yes, that is correct.

In the meantime, if you think this is a very important feature to support G.729 for Intel PCA processors (PXA25x,26x and 27x processors), please file a feature request under Intel IPP product via Intel Premier Support.

Ying S
Intel Corp.

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