error about jpeg sample code on ipp_v3.0!

error about jpeg sample code on ipp_v3.0!

I download "l_ipp-PCA-JPEG_p4.0.003.tar" , I have taken place the functions in IPP4.0 to those in IPP3.0 , and compile it successfully in linux-2.4.19, then run this application on SITSANG(PXA255) board, a error "Floating point exception" occur. I trace the sample code, find when the application call ippiDCTQuantFwdTableInit_JPEG_16u(..) will produce a error. How to solve this problem? Thanks!

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I believe the best solution is to use sample for IPP v4.0 with IPP v4.0 libraries, becausethe samplewas developed for it and was tested with it.


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