H.263 Decoding failure to decode UBC-TMN bitstream

H.263 Decoding failure to decode UBC-TMN bitstream

Question regarding:
Package ID: w_ipp-H263-decode_p_4.0.006
Package Contents: Intel IPP H.263 Decode Sample for Windows*

I tried to decode the H.263 bitstream generated by using UBC H.263+
encoder, which is used for the ITU-T H.263 standardization.

But the IPP decoder only produces the erroneous blocks.

I attach the h.263 bitstream.

With regards,

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Thank you for the report, we will check this. It would be better if you also submit this to technical support.


Hi, we found that there is bug in sample in part of decoding GOB headers. Sample will be corrected later. Thanks you.


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