RSA Cryptography

RSA Cryptography


I want to implement RSA algorithm and I needsamples for C++ programming, especially forippsRSAKeyGen function.
The description of parameters isn't very clear in the reference manual.
Is it possible you give me more explanation about this subject?

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You can find a complete sample in S.Taylor book ( IPP book) : folder Sample, subFolder rsa and rsaTest.
And now in french just because we are french : Il y a un exemple complet dans le livre de S.Taylor publi chez Intel Press. Voir fdossier Sample et sous dossier rsa et RsaTest.

Ok, the sample is perfect! Ihaven't saw it.:smileyhappy:
I implemented it but there is some error.
When calling ippsRSAInit(...), I think the last parameter *pKey must be cast into (IppsRSA**), so the last parameter would be (IppsRSA**) *pKey. And the error would be in the reference manual, the last parameter of ippsRSAInit(...) should logicallybe IppsRSA* key and not IppsRSA* key seeing that I was obliged to cast a IppsRSA* pKey into a IppsRSA** pKey.
Can you confirm me this idea?
Merci beaucoup. :smileywink:

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