does the IPP 4.0 for linux suitable for me?

does the IPP 4.0 for linux suitable for me?

1, i'm developing ipp applications on pxa255, i notice that the ipp 4.0 is suit for pxa255 with wireless mmx, how can i if it's right for pxa255 board?
2, after i installed ippwmmx40 ifor linux,when i compile pca samples, it told me that i need iwmmxt_le-gcc,where can i get it? I have installed intel c++ compiler 8.0 for linux, is that also be useful? and what is the arguments if i use intel c++ compiler 8.0?
thank you!

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Dear Customer,
If you are targeting the Intel PXA255 processor for Linux*, then you need the Intel IPP version 3.0 for PXA25x and PXA26x on Linux system. The release with current version 4.0 does not have a package to support those above platforms on Linux. You can download the version 3.0 under product "Intel IPP for Linux*" through Intel Premier Support at

And I also recommend you to periodically check our IPP web site at for product update.

Hope it helps.

Ying S
Intel IPP Support

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