getting info from mpeg4 file - desperate help

getting info from mpeg4 file - desperate help

hai ,
i passed a yuv file through an encoder and got a .mpg4 file ..i wanted to get info from the file like the header , fps etc ...i did open the mpg4 file in a text editor and found all hexa decimal numbers ...

is there anyway to decode these info .. is there anything like a bitstream parser to get the info ..i basicaly need a tool or atleast a way to decode these information from the mpg4 file ..

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Do you use IPP 4.0 MPEG-4 encoder sample ? It creates only raw mpeg4 streams ( *.cmp ).

i used my own encoder and got a raw mpeg4 file i have to extract the info from that file do i do that ..
when i see the file in a text editor i get only hexadecimal numbers ..can i get any info like the header , fps and stuff like that. ...


you can use mp4decoder sample from IPP v4.0, during decoding file it create .STA file with such information.


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