IPP in PXA 255

IPP in PXA 255


I have got a intel PXA 255 development board and I am going to develop
some application on it using IPP.

I am using Linux.

I have install both IPP 3.0 and IPP 4.0
I have try the example in IPP 3.0 and 4.0

When I compile the example in 3.0, it works nice
(the compiler is arm-linux-gcc)

When I compile the example in 4.0, it don't work
It use the compiler (iwmmxt_le-gcc)
I do not have this compiler.

When I try to use arm-linux-gcc compiler to compiler the example
some error occur

My problem is, which compiler should I use for this situtation

Thank you!!


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My introduction..

I am a Computer Engineering Student from HK
Currently making some application on PXA 255
development board with Linux


please look on this post, it contains info about toolchains to be used with IPP v3.0 and IPP v4.0:



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