API for Voice Detection

API for Voice Detection


i'm looking for an API which can help me detect the voice presence in a conversation.

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Voice detection (VAD) is generally done as a small codec or as a component of the codec.

It exists in the majority of speech codecs,see ippSR examples (VAD example in Audio processing and voiced/unvoiced frame detection in Pitch Detection Example). Generally VAD algorithms are integrated into codecs but could be extracted from them. Ipp contain some functions to support general calculations while voice detecting:

Zero crossing calculation, periodicity, energy calculation (dotprod) etc

Most efficient way of VAD brings the apiG729EncodeVAD() function (no actual encoding, just only VAD).


Where can I find these ippSR examples? Online? Within the IPP documentation? Can you be specific? I have IPP 4.1 but can't find the samples. where is the G729 function you mentioned? Thanks!


The IPP samples based on IPP version 4.1* including Speech Recognitions are downloadable via http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/perflib/ipp/219967.htm

As you may notice that we have more improved and expanded samples from latest 5.0 beta, you can try the latest samples offered in 5.0 beta. The IPP 5.0 based samples descriptions are located at here.

Hope it helps.
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