CPU requirements for MPEG-4 Video Encoding

CPU requirements for MPEG-4 Video Encoding


Can anyone tell what would be the CPU requirements to Encode MPEG-4 video at D1 resolution (720x480) 30fps? With Linux embedded OS. Can a PIII 1GHz do the job ? I need to be used with Fanless CPU. Thanks

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I'm *very* interested in what you are working on.

A small, compact, no-fan, PIII, embedded Linux that does IPP MPEG-4 encoding is exactly what I've been looking for.

Let me know how your project goes.

The only metrics that I've seen are

MPEG-2 on a P4 at 3Ghz does 300 frames/second at 720x480 pixels.


I'm sorry, decode is 300 fps, encode is 75 fps.


We measured the performance of MPEG4 encoder onPentium-III 750 MHz

Source 720x480 100 frames YUV 4:2:0 from hard disc (data is cashed in memory)

MPEG-4 encode parameters - Fast Motion Estimation, IntPel ME Accuracy, 1 Motion Vector per MacroBlock, I and P frames only (no B)

Performance - 18.2 fps


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