convert YUV422 to BGR format

convert YUV422 to BGR format

I know the "ippiYUV422ToRGB" can convert to yuv data to rgb,but the channel order is not compatible with the microsoft "DV Encoder",the first byte of MS DV encoder is Blue,and the last is Red,so I had to use the "ippiSwapChannels" to change the channel order,but the process time of the function is long.Soplease tell me isthere a wayto convertyuv to bgr format directly in IPP?Oranyone can givemesome code to do the same task use SSE/SSE2instruction?

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currently, in IPP we do not support YUV to BGR conversion. But if you found this functionality useful, please submit feature request through technical support channel.


I was looking for the function to convert YUV422 data do RGB32 ( display memory format ) some time ago. Finally I found that my display card support RGB565 format, and there is such conversion in IPP. I would like to see a better support for YUV422 format in IPP - this ismost often used format in video capture cards, but neither 4-channel nor 2-channel one.

If you want to encode your video the first step that encoder does is converting it back to YUV, so check if your encoder support such format first, maybe it accepts YUV420 ?

You can get asm optimized source code ( MMX, SSE, SSE2) from various sources at For example VirtualDubmay have what you need. I


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