OpenCV and IPP

OpenCV and IPP

Thereexists an open source library called OpenCV
As I understand, OpenCV was initially created inside Intel and then went open-source. OpenCV can (optionally) use IPP to improve performance.

I started to use OpenCV but unfortunately looks like the library is not in a good shape now. It'sstability is not rock solidand function implementations are often suboptimal.I've submitted several bug reports on SourceForge web site but there is no response. According toSourceforgeno bugs were fixed recently so OpenCV's bug list is growing.

Integration between OpenCV and IPP is limited just to computer vision part of IPP. Though OpenCV could benefit from other portions ofIPP such as IPPS.

Can someone from Intel and IPP teamcomment on theco-existence of IPP and OpenCV and bright or bleak future of OpenCV. I had an impression that basically the same people are (were) working on both OpenCV and IPP. I am asking this here, because looks like OpenCV's Sourceforge's site is semi-abandoned.

Some IPP's functionality is duplicated in OpenCV. Which sideis the driving force? Is it OpenCV influences IPPcv or the other way round?

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Dear Customer,
The Intel IPP provides full optimization including computer vision functions on Intel platforms while the OpenCV provides more functionalities on computer vision functions. So it is your decision which one you will use.

As legal concern, we (Intel) won't comment any plans for future Intel products.

Additionally, please check this URL information about OpenCV support and Intel IPP Support.

Ying S
Intel IPP

Try posting your bug reports to the OpenCV Yahoo Group at: I have been using OpebCN for several years, and, infact, it is quite stable.


I have posted my OpenCV bug reports to sourceforge.
Looks like the bug list didn't change since 2002.
Probably they just don't use sourceforge

Exactly. Bug reports are usually posted to the Yahoo Group.
Try it, they are usually VERY responsive.

I wanted to detect face from a web camera. I found an example of face detection in samples folder.But they have provided a wrapper class called as CIppiImage . I am retriving frame using open cv,so I am not able to figure out that How I will be able to convert Mat Image or IplImage to the type of CIppiImage

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