IPP Merged Lib for Xeon Processor

IPP Merged Lib for Xeon Processor

Hi, All:

I am using IPP40 for building application specifically targeted for Intel Xeon proccessor. I would like to create single-processor executables using static linking method. After browsing the online instruction pages, I had a few questions. I would appreciate if someone could help me here!

1) Which ipp*merged.lib should I use to be included in my project if I only care about Xeon processor? Does the '*' mean to substitute with the appropriate letter for the catagories? which means libimerged.lib, libmmerged.lib and libsmerged.lib?

2) For Xeon processor (with Hyper-Threading), should I include ipp_t7.h or ipp_w7.h in front of ipp.h?

Thanks in advance!


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Reading S.Taylor book on IPP p.14 the table is

px Any processor Pentium

m6 Pentium II & IPP previous 4.0

a6 Pentium III processor

w7 Pentium 4 and XEON, and Centrino mobile processors

t7 Pentium 4 with HyperThreading

i7 Itanium and Itanium 2 processors

According to the same book and previous answers on this forum, building STATIC will not allow hyperthreading & Multi-Threading ( Taylor p.27).

Let Vladimir give you more informations......


Answeringon your question about which IPP libraries you need (ipps/ippi/ipp), I can say it depends from what IPP functionality do you use in your application. If you use only functions from ipps library you need only ippsmerged.lib.

w7 libraries support Intel Pentium 4, SSE2 and HT.
t7 libraries support Intel Pentium 4,SSE3 and HT.


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