Extension to ippsFindC family of string functions

Extension to ippsFindC family of string functions

IPP v4.0 supports ippsFindC/ippsFindCAny/Rev family of functions which allow you to search for a given character or a set of characters.

Howeverquite often one needs tofind a first character which is different from a given char. For example, "find first non zero character" or "find first character different from the current one". With existing ippsFindC functionsyou cannot execute thistype of search in the most efficient way.

Is it possible to add such "find first not equal"/"find first not in the set" functions?

P.S. Similarly, there is a memchr() in C runtime, but there is not memnchr().But C++ standard libraryprovidesfind_first_not_of()

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