Itanium TUTORIAL kernel, any interest?

Itanium TUTORIAL kernel, any interest?

Hi everybody,
interested in Itanium architecture?

I was (am?).

I did not find any good tutorial SW (not just separate pieces of code) about ia64 HW/SW- interface and had to write one.

(I do not think that about 2,0000,000- lines ia64 Linux kernel is good as tutorial, not to me at least.....)

The code is about 800 lines of c and about the same amount of ia64-assembly: priority based multitasking, pre- emptive kernel with 19 system calls (semaphores, shared memory...) and test tasks.

Tested with the free "Ski" Itanium HW simulator (HP)
(,running at least on Linux platforms).


If you are still interested after reading the README, please,send me an e-mail to get the source,
tuomo.kortesmaa (AT)


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you may be interested to know that IPP supports IA64 architecture on both Windows and linux. Did you find it useful for you purposes?


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