where can I download sample code of IPP for video & image

where can I download sample code of IPP for video & image

Please help me to find where can I download the intel sample codes of IPP for video and image processing. They are only 3 examples provided with the IPP package (ippisample, ippssample and ippsdrive). Thanks a lot.

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I have the same question. I am using IJG library in my application tocompress imagesto jpegformat andwould like to compare it with IPPI.Iwould appreciate if you could provide a link or sample source code to demostrate basic oprations, such asdecompressing and compressingjpeg files using IPPI. Thanks, Farzin


after you registered for IPP downloading, you will be able to download the all IPP samples through Intel Premier Support service.


Are there any liscense issues utilizing IPP in linux on

GNU source code?


Hi Alfred,

It is better to address this question to Technical Support. It is the place where you can get official answer.


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