Support for computational clusters

Support for computational clusters

Hi there...
Great work you guys have been doing. This is Sanket,a student interested in system/low level programming on windows as well as linux platforms. Currently, I'm trying to set up a computational cluster as a research project comprising of multi platform nodes (Linux/Windows/Unix). I would like to know what kind of libraries, if any, from IPP can I use for my project and are these libraries available for all the platforms mentioned above, with the exception of unix.
Further, I shall be greatful to you if you can refer me to any source of information regarding clusters etc by Intel.

Thank You.

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Intel Cluster Tools?

The libraries you need are depends from what application do you have. In signal processing you can use ipps, in image processing you can use ippi. The IPP is available for both windows and linux.
Is it information you are looking for?


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