IPP support for 16bit

IPP support for 16bit

I'm working with 16bit images. When going from IPL to IPP the 16bit support for some functions is dropped. These are
- correlation functions and
- warp functions.
Are the any plans to add 16bit support for this functions in ipp? Especially for unsigned 16bit data.

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unfortunately, we have no support for 16s data in correlation function. If you find this functionality useful, please submit your request through the Intel Premier Support service, so we willconsider itat the planning stage for the next IPP versions.

Note, you can convert your Ipp16s data to Ipp32fto use existing IPP functions.


I am using CrossCorrValid_NormLevel for 8u data for the integer output. It works fine. How do I use this function for the different types of data (16, 32)?
Should I ippiConvert all other types into 32f or ippiScale them into 8u?

Right, you can convertother data types


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