Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Book - Now Available!

Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Book - Now Available!

Learn how to improve performance and speed the development of your applications with this new book from Intel Press Intel Integrated Performance Primitives: How to Optimize Software Applications Using Intel IPP. Senior software architect Stewart Taylor illustrates how to solve common imaging, A/V and graphics challenges facing application developers.

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Intel Integrated Performance Primitives : How to optimize software applications using Itel IPP.
This book is perfect. It's really the book that handles its subtitle.
A lot of our questions on the forum have an illustrated answer : i.e sample source code. and clean explanation.
Even distinctive linkage issues ( static w/o dispatching, dynamic & user dll ) are very well documented and real samples & projects are provided.
Thanks to S.Taylor for this impressive work.

I'm not so happy with Programming with Hyper-Threading Technology by R.Gerber & A.Binstock. If you alerady know what is a Thread and why _beginthreadex is better than CreateThread then you don't need this too simple book.

Is this a completely new book or just new edition?
I can find IPP bookdated December2003

Is it the same book you advertise?

The book is completely new, first edition and first printing (valuable!) last month. December 2003 was the original publication date but due to some printing and other problems the actual publication date was April 2004.


Thanks to you for your kind words! I worked hard on the book and I really felt it was needed.

Feel free to express your feelings on Amazon...


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