Help with using ippsFFTFwd_CToC_16sc_Sfs...

Help with using ippsFFTFwd_CToC_16sc_Sfs...

Target Platform: HP iPAQ 5550 (POcket PC 2003)
Dev platform: XP Pro-based workstation
Intel Library: IPP for Windows Version 4

I'm trying to perform an FFT on a (order 12) 4096 point waveform where the complex components are set to zero. The data ranges from -36 to +27 with many zeroes on both ends. All setup operations and the actual FFT complete successfully, but the results are a set of VERY large (up to eight digit) positive and negative numbers. I have check the data and it's alignment; both correct. Anyone have any insight as what the issue might be?

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Rich, do you use a scale factor?

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