Reducing bit depth

Reducing bit depth

Hi all

There is new function in IPP40 - ippiConvert_8u1u_C1R.
I'd like ask what is threshold level for Stucki's dithering(and its scope). Also i'm afraid i can't understand by the proper way what should i put in place - Offset (in bits) in the first byte of the source image row.


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Hi, Adi

Did you read the IPPI Developers Manual? Please take a look on Chapter 4, Image Data Exchange Functions for details about bit offset and Stucki's dithering. And, come back if youwill have questions:)



Stucki's error diffusionalgorithm implemented in IPP was done according the book, Stuckie, P 1981 "MECCA - a multiple-error correcting computation algorithm for bilevel image hardcopy rereproduction", Research Report RZ1060, IBM Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switcherland

The error filter is rectangular grid with weights as below
x 8 4
2 4 8 4 2 / 42
1 2 4 2 1


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