mpeg4 encoder example problem?

mpeg4 encoder example problem?


I have downloaded mpeg4 encoder and decoder examples with ipp library from intel web. I can build them and run exe files. First I use decoder to produce a YUV420 file, then I use encoder to encode it and produce a m4v bitstream file. but I find I can not correctly decode the m4v file with decoder example. Displaying image is error. And I find the m4v file is very bigger than other codec software, compression ratio is only 10 times, I use default "stefan.par" parameter file. why?

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you can control the compression ratio of MPEG4 encoder through setting of the parameters in .PAR file. Please read about using .PAR file in readme.htm file which is coming with MPEG4 sampe.

Did you set image dimensions in .PAR file when you encode your YUV420 file?

By the way, what do you think about decoder sample? Is it useful for your purposes? What the addition do you like to see?


thinks for your reply, I have resolve this problem, I make some mistakes on the image size. I have study this example, I want to modify itfor realizing myself mepg4 encoder and decoder.I think that ipp library is good about its performance?But have yousome exactly performance dataof the mpeg4 encoder and decoder example with ipp library? thank you?

Hi, I glad that you solved problem.

Did you look for our performance results delivered with IPP? Please find it in your IPP installation. It should be something like it: IPP oolsperfsysdata.

You can find here the results of our performance tests which is generallyon by IPP function basis, but there are also some codec level tests, for JPEG and JPEG2000 codecs.

And you can obtain the performance data forMPEG4 codecsdirectly from samples. Did you see, MPEG4 decoder sample shows FPS while playing movie? The same about MPEG4 encoder. Is it not enough? What additional info you would like to have?


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