MPEG4 - A Question of performance

MPEG4 - A Question of performance

What are the real performance benefits of using IPP for MPEG4 decoding? I.e. How does IPP measure up against the standard Windows CE codec?

Having looked at the MPEG4 decoder sample code for 'Linux', and having very little knowledge of MPEG codecs, I'm not sure that following this path to improve MPEG4 playback only a little is what we want to do. Particularly when using a hardware decoder is a very attractive idea.

Any information would be very appeciated.


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The real benefitsof using IPP is in delivering the maximum performance for customerson the all Intel architectures, I mean XScale, IA32, IA64 and so on. Unfortunately, we can't provide you with direct comparison of performance between IPP and third party products but you can do it yourself, right?


I'm sure we can do our own comparisons given time. However, we are developing applications for PXA25x and 26x processors with a number of different graphics processors, so I just wonder if the development time toport the Linux decoder sample to WinCE will utimately be justified.

By the way, what do you think about performance of MPEG4 decoder on linux? Is it enough for your purpose? What about functionality of this sample, how you feel is it good enough?
Any suggestions for further extending of this?

In general, the performance of MPEG4 decoder on windows is almost the same as on linux.


I don't know. We don't have linux so that'swhy I need to port the sample over to WinCE.

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