Scaling of YUY2 image ?

Scaling of YUY2 image ?

I need a fast (down) scaling function for YUY2 images ( Y, U, Y, V ). Is there any function in IPP to help me ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Kamil,

what scalind do you mean? Do you mean converting from 422 to 888 format?


Sorry, I meant resizing.

I tried to use ippiResize for two-channel image and ippiResize for four channel images, but they both give incorrect results.

what is possible today= yuv2rgb; resize; rgb2yuv;
no resize in IPP yuv color space

I know a better way - split the source image into several planes, resize those planes and join them back into one multi-channel image. But I'm looking for some method to display video in window, so I have no time to copy the frame two times.

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