Adding Text to a IppiImage

Adding Text to a IppiImage

There is no apparent means to addannotation textto an IppiImage. Using the ippiSet command places any size/color rectangle in the image. I have built a text placement routine for my application using an emulation of an old fashioned 7-segment display. Some code but it works nicely. If anyone wants info please email me: Also if anyone has an alternate method of adding text I would appreciate info. I tried using the image's DC to use the standard .TextOut Win32 command with no success.

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Did you see also IPP functions which work with Alpha channel, so you can do it more flexible than with ippiSet function? You can take a look on IPP manual for the details.


OpenCV has some text function routines. The "font" isn't very beautiful, but it does support multiple scale/size letters (in points).

The DC option would probably be best. If you ever do manage to do it, I would appriciate if you posted about it. I believe many people would find it useful.


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