use of IPP on computer of other CPUs

use of IPP on computer of other CPUs

Hi all,

can Intel IPP can be run on other PC with CPU brands other than Intel,
such as AMD..etc ?

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Yes the Intel IPP run on other x86 Architecture CPUs (I have only tried AMD).

However the following issues are important to note.

Dynamic Linking. The cpuiddispatcher only runs x86 generic code (px) when the cpu is notrecognized as anIntel CPU. This means that if you run it on a x86-64bit with SSE and SSE2 features, the dispatcher will still only use thex86 generic code (px) and not SSE and SSE2 optimized code.

Static Linking.You can statically link the A6 and W7 libraries in your code. However you must be careful to check the feature flags using the CPUID function. Calling a SSE2 enabled Intel IPP library on a AMD Althlon (No SSE 2) will cause an exception and your code will not run.

Also, it is important to note the eachIntel IPP library is tuned to the specific Intel x86 microarchitecture. As such you may be suprised to find thatsome A6 IPP library calls may be faster than a W7 IPP library calls on a AMD x86-64bit box.

Hope this helps, good luck.


Dear Customer,

The Intel IPP will run on processors that are 100% compatible with Intel Architecture. It's the PX code that should be dispatched on all non-Intel processor-based systems.

Hope it helps.

Intel IPP

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