Is it thread safe ? I used it(in a wayseen incross-arch example )as a part of my video codec with many instances runningin multiple threads. UnfortunatelyI got a plenty of random crashes in that function. Finally I gave up and switched to ippiDecodeHuffman8x8_JPEG_1u16s_C1 and all errors disappeared immediately...

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Intel IPP functions are thread safe. If you think this is a problem in Intel IPP, please submit this issue with a detailed description and a possible test case to Intel Premier Support (https://premier.intel.com ), our support engineers will look into your issue and find the root cause.

Ying S
Intel IPP Support

Thank you, This function have no argument with size of input data ( or I didn't found it ), so it can try to read past end of buffer when the data is corrupted. I don't know why those errors dissappeared when I reduced a number of threads, butif you say that all functions are thread safe they surely are.


thank you for the report, ifyou can provide us with some simple test case wewould beable toinvestigate the behaviour of this function in multithread environment. It is not likely to be true but still possible some mistake in the way of calling this function or even some bug inside this function. Did you try to link your project with PX libraries, which does not contain processor specific optimization, so generally more robust?


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