loading an image

loading an image


i'm an new user of ipp libraries under vc++ 6.0.
I would like to load a bmp image from a directory, in ordr to use it in my code, how can i do ?

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Hi bobdenar,

The libraries do not contain functions to work with files, but you can look at the examples, where you can find code to load/store bmp files. Take a look, for example, onj2kit sample, file dibfile.cpp.


Hi Bobdenar and Vladimir,

I am running into the following problem similar to Bobdenar's.
I am writing an image processing application which is supposed to load any sequence of common image files (jpg, targa, tiff, etc...) not only bmp files and apply some specific processing.
Excuse my question if it is too much of a newbie one (but I am... )

I found the ippi library to be very complete in terms of functionalities and downloaded it about 2 months ago. Now that I am back on this project, I couldn't find an entry point which will show me how to start with step 1 : "How do I load an image file whatever its type is ?"

Could someone *share* sample code or direct me to samples where I can find help on this topic ?
I'm banging my head on my desk for 3 days now... so please help. This is all I need to get started.


PS : i'm using c++/vc6 on windows.


IPP is low-level library, so it does not work with any file formats directly. Instead of that we have a number of samples which demostrates how to build codecs based on IPP functions to work with audio, video or images. For example, you can download JPEG samples, which contains JPEG codec. It will allow you to access to JPG files. But we do not have any samples to work with TARGA or TIFF files. So in this case you need some third-party solution.


for thirth party solution, I use wxWidgets for create a interface, and loading the image at any type. May be it can help you.

You also might be interested in adopting IPP JPEG and JPEG2000 codecs, for their high performance and utilization of dual/quad core features of modern processors


check this sample codes on loading bitmap files , it is simple and powerful.  besides you can also have other image formats loaded after a small change in the open source.

A message to fh i.: The thread was Not used for almost 7 years. It was updated internally and simply poped up ( it happens from time to time ).

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