I have a problem with working with FIR LMS.
The program works well with tap length < 32, however once i set it to 32, the result of the tap returns -1.#IND0 in the array.

FIR LMS fails to work on tap length bigger than 32??

So would that mean that i would need to make use of the delay line. Any example on the use of the delay line? Sorry for i'm not very familar with DSP.:smileysad:

Thanxs in advance.

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Dear Customer,
Could you please provide us more details on this report for the failure on calling FIRLMS functions by submitting an issue via Intel Premier Support at Also it would be helpful to supply your test case that can replicate this problem, and our support staff will look into this problem.

Intel IPP

no limitation in num of LMS coeffs. But the more taps the less mu value should be

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