Image reduction in IPP PCA?

Image reduction in IPP PCA?

Dear all,

I could not find an image reduction function in IPP 3.0 for PCA.

I mean: a way to reduce images from a given size to another, smaller one, given a scale factor. For instance, with scale factor 2, a 128 x 128 image would be reduced to a 64 x 64 image.

It is strange, for that one seems to me a sufficient generic, simple and important function, a good candidate to be in a library of image processing functions.

I'd like to ask if there's such a function in IPP 4.0.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards,
Hilton Fernandes

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Dear Customer,
It is correct that we do not have image resize function in old IPP v3.0 for Intel PCA.

WIth the latest version of Intel IPP, we have implemented image resizingwith other image processing functions into one newsingle function: ippiResizeCscRotate.

This function synthesizes a low-resolution preview image for high-resolution video or still capture applications. In order to maximize bus bandwidth efficiency, several atomic image processing kernels have been combined into a single function. In particular, the following sequence of operations is applied to the raw input image:

1. Scale reduction by an integer scale factor. First, the input image scale is reduced by an integer scale factor of either 2, 4 or 8 using the interpolation methodology specified by the control parameter interpolation. The following interpolation schemes are supported: nearest neighbor, bilinear. For each of these, respectively, computational complexity and preview image quality rank from low to high.

2. Color space conversion. Following scale reduction, color space conversion is applied according to the control parameter colorConversion.

3. Rotation. After color space conversion, the preview output image is rotated according to the control parameter rotation.

Hope it helps and for more details, please read the manual once you fully install Intel IPP v4.0 for Intel PCA.

If you have any questions with using this function please submit an issue through Intel Premier Support at

Intel IPP

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